Georgia May Jagger became a new face of ad campaign LUBLU Kira Plastinina AW12/13

Июль 6, 2012 § Оставить комментарий

Kira Plastinina launched her new advertising campaign of LUBLU Kira Plastinina Autumn – Winter 12-13 Collection.

It became obvious already at the fashion show of LUBLU Kira Plastinina AW12-13 opened by one of the most successful models of the world Karlie Kloss and held within the Fashion week in Moscow that this collection symbolized rising up of the brand to the new level.


This trend was also supported by the ad campaign with internationally recognized model Georgia May Jagger as its protagonist. Georgia has been supporting Kira Plastinina for a long time: she continuously attended fashion shows of the designer in Moscow, she was at the presentation of the collection in New York and besides she wears LUBLU Kira Plastinina clothes with pleasure. That is why it is hardly surprising that she really feels the style and the mood of the brand and looks impeccable in LUBLU Kira Plastinina that has been proved by the new advertising campaign of the autumn-winter collection.

«I love Kira and what she does. We’ve been friends for quite a while now and every now and then we would discuss me endorsing one of her upcoming LUBLU Kira Plastinina collections.», -commented Georgia May Jagger.


American photo artist Kenneth Willardt was the photographer of the project with whom Kira had continuously collaborated in the past.

As to the styling of the shoot, a fairly lengthy period of time marked by the end of the ’60s and early ’70s was chosen as the main inspiration for the ad campaign (as well as for the collection).  However the dominating mood of the shoot was the futuristic style of the ‘60s.


The unique solution of this collection was in its color palette unusually wide for autumn and winter: rich orange, coral, sophisticated shades of beige and droplets of sky blue. Particularly this idea of color blocking became the key concept of the shoot. Set design supported the overall geometry, concise and pure forms of the collection. Asymmetrical dimensional cubes and triangles done in key colors of the color blocking theme of LUBLU Kira Plastinina AW 12-13 filled in the shot and created the unique space-like attitude.


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